Qrack Examples

Check the Qrack repository examples directory for compiled single file source examples of Qrack usage. (These build with make all or make [example-name], with the name of the source file). This is an overview of their content:

grovers - Runs a canonical Grover’s search

grovers_lookup - Runs a variant of Grover’s search that searches a lookup table for a target value

ordered_list_search - Runs Grover’s search base case iterations on an ordered list, potentially recovering a theoretical “big-O” complexity reduction of x2 over the canonical binary search.

pearson32 - Hashes a value according to the Pearson 32 bit hashing algorithm, and searches a superposed set of hashes for a target quality, (like “proof-of-work”)

qneuron_classification - Runs a simple quantum neuron classification model task

quantum_associative_memory - Creates an example of an associative memory via a simple quantum neuron model

quantum_perceptron - Demonstrates the single neuron “atom” of Qrack’s quantum neural net examples

shors_factoring - Carries out a simulation of Shor’s factoring algorithm integers

teleport - Demonstrates quantum teleportation

VM6502Q Examples

The quantum enabled cc65 compiler provides a mechanism to both compile the examples as well as develop new programs to execute on the vm6502q virtual machine. These changes live on the 6502q branch.

Start by compiling the cc65 repository and the vm6502q virtual machine:

   cc65/ $ git checkout 6502q
   cc65/ $ make
vm6502q/ $ make

Then, make the various examples:

examples/ $ cd hello_c && make
          # OR if to directly execute within the emulator
examples/ $ cd hello_c && make run
hello world
Interrupted at e002

Emulation performance stats is OFF.

|  PC: $e002  |  Acc: $0e (00001110)  |  X: $55  |  Y: $0c  |
|  NVQBDIZC   | :
|  00000100   | :

Stack: $f7
       [03 04 03 04 e2 00 fe 01 ]

I/O status: enabled,  at: $e000,  local echo: OFF.
Graphics status: disabled,  at: $e002
ROM: disabled. Range: $d000 - $dfff.
Op-code execute history: disabled.
   C - continue,  S - step          |    A - set address for next step
   G - go/cont. from new address    |    N - go number of steps, P - IRQ
   I - toggle char I/O emulation    |    X - execute from new address
   T - show I/O console             |    B - blank (clear) screen
   E - toggle I/O local echo        |    F - toggle registers animation
   J - set animation delay          |    M - dump memory, W - write memory
   K - toggle ROM emulation         |    R - show registers, Y - snapshot
   L - load memory image            |    O - display op-code exec. history
   D - disassemble code in memory   |    Q - quit, 0 - reset, H - help
   V - toggle graphics emulation    |    U - enable/disable exec. history
   Z - enable/disable debug traces  |    1 - enable/disable perf. stats
   2 - display debug traces         |    ? - show this menu
> q
Thank you for using VM65.

Use Ctrl-C to bring up the in-VM menu, and q to exit.

Creating a new example

  • Copy the prototype/ directory to your example name, renaming the .cfg file to match the source file.

  • Change prototype in Makefile to be the basename of your cfg and source file.

  • Adjust the project.cfg file as necessary for memory sizing.