Defined in qhybrid.hpp.

Qrack::QHybrid is a Qrack::Engine that switches between QEngineCPU and QEngineOCL as optimal. It may be used as sub-engine type with Qrack::QUnit. It supports the standard Qrack::QInterface API.

The parameter “qubitThreshold” is the number of qubits at which QHybrid will automatically switch to GPU operation. A value of “0” will automatically pick this threshold based on best estimates of efficiency.


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- QHybrid(bitLenInt qBitCount, bitCapInt initState = 0U, qrack_rand_gen_ptr rgp = nullptr, complex phaseFac = CMPLX_DEFAULT_ARG, bool doNorm = false, bool randomGlobalPhase = true, bool useHostMem = false, int64_t deviceId = -1, bool useHardwareRNG = true, bool useSparseStateVec = false, real1_f norm_thresh = REAL1_EPSILON, std::vector<int64_t> devList = {}, bitLenInt qubitThreshold = 0U, real1_f ignored2 = FP_NORM_EPSILON_F)
inline void Qrack::QHybrid::SwitchModes(bool useGpu, bool usePager)